EMG Needles

Signal quality you can trust, comfort your patients will love.


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Come for the signal quality. Stay for the comfort.

Welcome to a clearer baseline and a more comfortable experience for your patient and for you. See for yourself how a LifeSync EMG needle can aid your practice:

  • Experience a clearer signal: LifeSync coatings are designed to decrease the risk of noise by exposing only the needle tip.
  • Deliver precise therapy, whether large or small muscle groups: Choose from a range of needle lengths and gauge—even up to 30 ga.
  • Needle tip geometry affects penetration force, a factor in pain perception. LifeSync offers conical and trocar tips, designed for patient comfort.
  • Grip designed for clinical comfort in repositioning maneuvers.


LifeSync EMG Needles

LifeSync EMG Needles for all your diagnosis and therapy needs

LifeSync is a leading supplier of EMG needles ranging from 25 mm to 75 mm in length and a wide gauge variety.

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