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Clear signal, unobstructed views, superior selection, and support.

Our advantages are clear

LifeSync—a global leader in radiolucent leadwire design and manufacturing—offers a broad portfolio of radiolucent products. Expect unobstructed views, and uncompromised signal and trace quality for fast, accurate readings.
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Reliable solutions from radiolucent experts

30+ years experience in making radiolucent ECG products—including the first and only shielded reusable radiolucent leadwire—means LifeSync is a trusted partner in providing cardiac monitoring and diagnostic solutions. LifeSync supplies cables, leadwires, and accessories to the world’s top cardiac monitoring and diagnostic equipment companies, hospitals, and clinics.

LifeSync Radoilucent Leadwire ConnectorsLifeSync Radiolucent Leadwire Connector

Ease, efficiency, unrivaled selection

Single-use or disposable. Shielded or unshielded. More than 60 radiolucent configurations all from a single source. Radiolucency eliminates the need to replace or reposition ECG leads during fluoroscopy, saving procedure time. Our high-quality solutions enhance productivity, enable standardization, and support outstanding, cost-effective patient care.

LifeSync Radiolucent Leadwire Specs

LifeSync Radiolucent Leadwire Connectors

LifeSync Radiolucent Leadwire Details

LifeSync Radiolucent Leadwire Connector

Reusable radiolucent leadwires

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Always innovating—LifeSync LeadWear® and more

Flexible, lightweight, single-patient-use radiolucent LifeSync LeadWear® can travel with the patient outside of procedural areas. Product details like our innovative 360° connector further support fast, accurate results through excellent visibility, grab, conductivity, and signal. We design all of our radiolucent leads with optimal Cath and EP lab use in mind.


Our innovative 360° connector surrounds the electrode for less noise and fewer nuisance alarms.


Single-patient-use radiolucent LeadWear®

Leadwire 1Leadwire 2Leadwire 3Leadwire 4Leadwire 5

For more information or to request a product evaluation, contact your LifeSync representative or Customer Service online or by telephone, 1.800.358.2468.

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