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Custom design, manufacturing, and fulfillment of medical cables and connections.

From concept and design to production and supply chain

LifeSync Source is a start-to-finish, sole-source provider of custom manufactured surgical, patient monitoring, and diagnostic imaging medical cable assemblies. Our custom, in-house design and manufacturing teams allow your business to focus on product innovations, instead of cables and interconnect development challenges. We guarantee reliability, durability, and signal quality through our certified manufacturing facilities and quality assurance processes.

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Patient MonitoringPatient Monitoring

Patient monitoring

Custom-designed disposable or reusable monitoring cables and connections, including neuro, cardiac, EKG/ECG, Sp02, NMT, temperature, NIBP, and more.

Surgical Cables

Surgical cables

From bipolar electrosurgery and laparoscopic to ophthalmic and cardiac, LifeSync can design and manufacture a full range of surgical cable assemblies.

Benefits of partnering
with LifeSync

LifeSync Source (formerly American BioSurgical) is the leading custom medical cable and interconnect manufacturer that can meet your technology to patient connection requirements. For over ten years we've helped our partners all the way from concept and design, through assembly to supply chain fulfillment.

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Design and
engineering support

Our dedicated team of product development specialists works directly with your product management and engineering teams from concept to reality. With teams located at major medical hubs across the country, you have easy access to LifeSync Source during the planning and product development process.

LifeSync Products

Production and assembly

LifeSync Source owns and operates its own manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest control of product design, production, and quality assurance. LifeSync acts as your global purchasing agent and manufacturer for every component of your custom cable projects. In-house test laboratories ensure a 100% inspection and quality assurance process for your products.

LifeSync Products

Quality assurance

LifeSync Source manufactures our products in certified facilities that meet EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 requirements and follow FDA cGMP guidelines. Our products confirm to the industry standards of ANSI/AAMI EC-53, ANSI/AAMI HF-18, IEC 60601, UL, and DIN 42-802.

Our Quality Assurance team rigorously tests for mechanical, electrical, sterilization, environmental, and chemical analysis attributes. Your custom cable and monitoring products will be verified against ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 standards.

LifeSync Products

Build your custom medical
cables and connections

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