LifeSync Standardization

A simpler way to standardize cardiac patient monitoring connections

Intrahospital Continuum of Care

"Ready connect" standardization
for patient flow efficiency

Multiple leadwires and monitor connections can create disorder with different and competing connections, baffling staff, and slowing patient care.

A single ECG leadwire across your hospital helps your staff maintain high efficiency, track inventory, and streamline procurement.

LifeSync's AMC Leadwire System - LWS® is the only complete system that allows hospitals to standardize and elevate efficiency throughout the facility.

A single leadwire that is compatible with your existing monitors

The LifeSync leadwire system (formerly AMC) plugs directly into monitors, telemetry, and defibrillation connections. No adapters or cable extension are needed in most cases.

Leadire is compatible with your existing monitors
One leadwire for patient's entire stay

One leadwire for the patient's entire stay

LifeSync leadwires travel with the patient by simply unpluging from one monitor and connecting to the next monitor. The single-patient-use leadwire is designed to avoid the cross-contamination risks associated with reusable leadwires.

Reusable cost considerations

  • Cross-contamination, which may lead to increased time in patient stay.
  • Sterilization cost, to include the training of processing department.

*Based on customer feedback

Single-patient-use cost efficiencies

  • AMC Leadwire System - LWS® are cost-neutral compared to reusable leadwires.
  • No cost due to cleaning.
  • No cost due to processing time.

Easy answer to a daunting task

The LifeSync team follows a transparent standardization process of complete inventory, training, supply chain management, and implementation. Our team makes a seamless transition possible for your team.

Six steps to standardization

Standardizing or replacing cardiac cables and connections can feel like an enormous task. Our expert staff and conversion teams will guide you through the process of inventory, training, supply chain management, and implementation to ensure a successful transition. We use our six phase standardization process to ensure a seamless transition to LifeSync Cardiac monitoring connections.

Six steps to standardization

Stay focused on patient care and leave the standardizing to us

To find out what standardization might look like for your hospital, contact your LifeSync representative or Customer Service online or by telephone, 1.800.358.2468.

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